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See Me is creating a movement which will bring together people from all over Scotland and beyond who are determined to stop mental health stigma and discrimination in its tracks. It’s led by those with lived experience of discrimination and those who care about injustice and equal rights in society. 

Giving your voice of support creates a ripple effect outwards. It can change minds and lives. 

Our collective action will give us a united and powerful voice to change negative behaviour towards those with mental health problems. We simply want understanding and equality so that people who experience poor mental health have the same opportunities as others to lead a fulfilled life. 

How you can take action to help end mental health stigma and discrimination:

  • Start a conversation with a friend, family member or work colleague about mental health stigma and discrimination.
  • Challenge stigmatising behaviour when and where you see it and tell us what happened as a result. We can learn by positive actions and want to share success stories. 
  • Follow See Me on social media and join in our online debates.
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  • Speak out or write about your experiences to make it easier for others to do so.
  • Tell us when you have seen discrimination taking place, whether in the media or in day to day life. 
  • Tell us about issues of concern in your area so that we can feed them into our work programme.
  • Volunteer at events raising awareness of mental health stigma and discrimination.
  • Attend events and conferences organised by See Me and their partners.

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