Stigma Relating to Individual Mental Health Conditions

This section contains some key information on mental health conditions and the reality of the stigma and discrimination that people face. It also contains information on some of the common experiences related to each diagnosis

By having an idea about what people with mental health problems experience you can be better equipped to support someone else, or yourself. It can also help you to avoid acting in a discriminating, or self-stigmatising way.

Our focus is to end mental health stigma and discrimination whatever mental health issue  you or someone you care about is experiencing. We know that people often face stigmatising and discriminatory behaviour because of their mental health.  

“Stigma around mental illness hasn't gone away. People still believe that mental illness isn't an illness, that it's the sufferer to blame for feeling that way because how can your mind control the way you feel-it's surely the person who controls it? Wrong.” – Paula Swan

The conditions described in this section are not an exhaustive list, and if we get requests to edits this information or add new conditions then we will. If you’d like more on information on a specific diagnosis then there are some suggested links to follow on each page.

All information provided has been reviewed by people with lived experience of the condition.