Grow the See Us movement!

The See Us movement is truly for everyone – so why not use your networks and connections to get even more people involved in tackling mental health stigma and discrimination?

When you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s easy to look the other way or tell yourself that it has nothing to do with you – and this has gone on for too long when it comes to mental health stigma and discrimination.

We want the people of Scotland to come together and recognise that it isn’t good enough for people who struggle with their mental health to still be treated unfairly – and do something about it.

Since its relaunch in 2021, the See Us movement has grown, with supporters located right across Scotland, in communities, workplaces, schools, colleges, healthcare settings and beyond – but we know more needs to be done to help tackle the stigma which still exists.

We’re calling on all of our supporters, and the wider Scottish public, to help us grow the movement even further still.

Below, we’ve got some social media downloads, messaging and printable materials to help you spread the word about the importance of the See Us movement to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination, and create a fairer, more inclusive Scotland for people who struggle with their mental health.

Social media downloads

We’ve got a selection of gifs and graphics to brighten up your social feed, and show your followers that you’re supporting the See Us movement.

More downloads

For more social media resources, head to the online section of the See Us web pages.

Make a difference online

Suggested social posts

Want to make some noise on your socials but can’t find the words? Here are a few suggested posts to get you started.

I want to make sure that mental health stigma and discrimination are a thing of the past. I support the #SeeMeSeeUs movement – do you?

You might think that mental health stigma is none of your business, but any of us could struggle with our mental health at any time, and we all like to think we would get the support, care and understanding that we need if we did. The #SeeMeSeeUs movement brings together people from all over Scotland to make sure that’s the case –

We’re making real progress towards putting an end to mental health stigma and discrimination – but I want to help take the #SeeMeSeeUs movement even further. Sign up to show your support at

Other things you can do

Share your story

You could use your socials to share why the See Us movement matters to you – whether that’s by talking about your own mental health experiences, or reflecting on why it’s so important for all of us to address stigma when we see it. Make sure you use the hashtag #SeeMeSeeUs and tag @seemescotland.

Use the See Us activity pack

The See Us activity pack is full of ideas and inspiration to help you take action against mental health stigma in your community, workplace, school and beyond. There are lots of great activities to choose from to help those around you gain a better understanding of mental health stigma and how it affects people.

Download the pack

Printable materials

We’ve got a selection of A4 posters, featuring QR codes where people can sign up to show their support for the See Us movement, for you to print off and share in your place of work, college, local community and beyond.

Take action!

Get the tools and resources you need to address mental health stigma wherever you are through the See Us web pages.

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