Psychosis/Psychotic Experiences

Psychosis/Psychotic Experiences

People experiencing Psychosis may see or hear things that other people do not. They may perceive things differently or hold beliefs not shared by other people.

Psychosis is not a condition itself, but a set of symptoms. People experiencing these symptoms will often be unaware they are thinking or acting differently. There are two main symptoms people having a psychotic episode may experience. Hallucinations, which could include hearing voices or seeing things others don’t, and delusions, believing things that are not rational. People who are experiencing psychosis do not feel that they are hallucinating at the time.

Although psychosis is often triggered by other mental health conditions, a psychotic episode can happen to anyone.

Experiences of Psychosis


  • Hearing things that others can’t.
  • Seeing things that are not actually there.
  • Smelling things that others can’t.
  • Tasting things that aren’t there.


  • Believing that people are trying to harm you.
  • Believing you’re being spied on.

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