Pass the Parcel

We're using our new #SeeMePassTheParcel campaign to connect people, and show that’s okay to reach out and talk abut how we are feeling.

Pass the Parcel 

With everything that’s been going on recently it’s more important than ever that we stay connected and carry on talking about our mental health.

So to help we’re using our #SeeMePassTheParcel campaign to connect people, and show that’s okay to reach out and talk abut how we are feeling.

What is it?

Too many people with mental health problems feel isolated and worry about the impact of telling someone they’re struggling, especially right now. But conversations have the power to change lives, however they take place. Along with our volunteer Dawn we’ve created #SeeMePassTheParcel, which is a pack that includes items and matertials to start conversations around mental health and challenge stigma. You’ll be able to download resources below to include in your parcel, as well as gift ideas of your own. Learn more about what it's all about below.

How does it work?

The idea is that when you receive a parcel you pass one on to someone else to show that it’s okay to talk about our mental health, and that it’s important to reach out to others who you think might need one.

Why not #SeeMePassTheParcel to your next door neighbour, a colleague or a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Download our resources below and create your own parcel. Then send it to a neighbour, friend or colleague and encourage them to do the same.

What should I include in my parcel?

Here are some ideas for items you could include in your parcel.

  • Our materials and resources that you can download below. 
  • Handmade ‘voucher’ for a virtual coffee and catch up together.
  • Colouring pages.
  • A pin badge.
  • Self-care stickers.
  • A stress ball.
  • Handmade crafts.

We’d advise against including food in your parcel to protect against allergies.

Download Resources

Illustration of a lightbulb

We have resources and materials that you can download below to include in your parcel and help start conversation around mental health.

Get Resources

What if someone needs support?

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert to talk about mental health, sometimes just asking ‘are you okay?’ and showing you care can make a big difference. We don’t expect people to provide direct support to individuals in distress, simply to start conversations around mental health so that we can challenge stigma. If you or someone you know is in distress, or in need of urgent help, you can find more information on who to contact here, or you can refer to our National Signposting Directory.

Can I share my parcel on social?

If you use social media you can also share your photos online using the #SeeMePassTheParcel hashtag and tag others so that they can get involved. A great idea would be to make a video of you
opening your parcel or packaging one up to give to someone. To help start conversations we’re
sharing the message below to encourage people to get involved:

There's a lot going on right now. But showing others we care and are happy to talk is the first step to ending the stigma around mental health. @seemescotland wants to connect people using #SeeMePassTheParcel. Visit to find out more and tag others to join in.

Let’s continue the #SeeMePassTheParcel chain together and show that it’s okay not to talk okay and talk about mental health, wherever we are.

The Anti Stigma Sessions

#PassTheParcel was created by one of our voluteers as part of our Anti Stigma Sessions. 

These are a series of events which are designed to bring people together online, to chat about mental health and to work together to challenge stigma and discrimination, using art, poetry, community activism, story sharing and more. Learn more and join us below. 

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