'What's on Your Mind?'

The pack is to support both teachers and young people to learn about mental health and develop the skills and confidence to tackle stigma and discrimination in school and the wider community.

Who is it for and what's in it?

The pack is designed to be used with young people between the ages of 11 and 18.  It's relevant for everyone who wants to understand young people's mental health better. 

The pack is split into three modules built around the four capacities outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence as well as addressing key learning outcomes of the Health and Wellbeing Curriculum:

  • Mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Relationships  

Pack contains a wide range of practical tools 

Each activity is designed to last up to 50 minutes with content including:

  • A common language that is understood by teachers and young people
  • Symptoms of mental illness and what to look out for
  • Asking for support - what to say, who to ask
  • Signposting for help

 Find out more about each module by clicking on the tabs:

Building Confidence

Key Learning Points:

  • Everyone has mental health regardless of whether or not they have mental health problems/conditions
  • Everyone is unique
  • We all have factors that influence how we think and feel about ourselves
  • Everyone working with children or young people has a responsibility to consider their health and wellbeing including their emotional needs

Taking Action

Key Learning Points:

  • Positive coping strategies can help everyone maintain and enhance their mental health
  • There are skills and strategies that we can learn to help us maintain good mental health
  • We all have a responsibility to fight the stigma associated with mental health


Key learning points:

  • Stigma acts as a barrier to people seeking help for mental health problems and mental health problems and mental health conditions
  • People's attitudes about mental health can be positively influenced by exposure to accurate information
  • Like physical illnesses, mental health conditions are treatable and the sooner people receive proper treatment and support, the better the outcomes
  • Getting help early increases the chances that a person will make a full recovery from mental health problems

Download Your Pack

Download your full What's on Your Mind? pack by clicking on the image below. It now includes our updated modules on dual discrimination and FeelsFM

What Difference Can it Make?

We chatted to pupils, teachers and our volunteers after we trained young people in schools across the Borders, to see what the impact was of working with See Me.

A Whole School Approach

Our approach to tackling mental health stigma and discrimination is to take a whole school approach. This means addressing issues faced by everyone in the school, the pupils, teachers and all other staff. If we are to change the culture around mental health, everyone needs to feel comfortable and equipped to talk about it.

To do this we work with schools going through the  'What's on your mind?' pack, to take them through the See Me in Work programme.