Getting involved in See Me See Change

If you want to find out more about why you should take part in See Me See Change, and how to get your school on board, we've rounded up some details below...

Information for staff

It’s great to see that you are interested in learning more about how your school can participate in the See Me See Change programme. If you are interested in your school delivering the See Me See Change programme we have outlined a few considerations below:


  • The number 1

    Seek support and sign-off to participate from school senior leaders. When tackling stigma and discrimination, it's really important that there is buy-in from a senior leadership level to enable a whole school approach, and remove any barriers that may present, particularly after action planning. We have developed a self-assessment tool for senior leaders to consider as part of the initial steps in engaging with the See Me See Change programme, as well as some further guidance on why it's important to take action.

  • The number 2

    Once you have sign-off from school senior leaders, it will be crucial to identify who within the staff team will support with coordinating the See Me See Change sessions for staff and pupils, and action planning. It may make sense for staff leads with a remit in mental health, wellbeing and/or equality, inclusion and diversity to take this coordination on.

  • The number 3

    Once a coordinator has been identified, next steps will be to think about which staff and pupils can support with the delivery of the See Me See Change sessions, and when they can take place. Staff sessions may need to be delivered after school whereas the pupil sessions can be delivered in or outside of school time, aligning with PSE classes or other appropriate subjects.

  • The number 4

    In the pupil sessions, See Me See Change aims to encourage a peer education model as part of the approach. This means that senior pupils support with the delivery and facilitation of the pupil sessions to the younger years. It's a great opportunity for senior pupils who potentially have a leadership role within the school to also deliver on these sessions, such as your mental health ambassadors.

We definitely encourage that both staff and pupil facilitators for the sessions put in plenty time to practice and support each other with getting to grips with the sessions, build confidence and adapt them to suit their schools needs and this should be included as part of a schools plan to run the See Me See Change approach.

Young Scot Schools Accreditation

Young Scot school logoDid you know that making use of the See Me Change Learning Resources contributes to the Young Scot Schools Accreditation?

If you’re already a Young Scot School, send us a picture of your pupils engaging with the See Me Change Project and we’ll add it to your evidence for Criteria 5.

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Pupil Workbook Reward Code

Pupils can also benefit from taking part! Pupils who are Young Scot Members earn 200 Rewards points for completing the See Me Change Workbook. 

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