Speaking out about stigma

We have a range of videos from young people with lived experience of mental health problems discussing what helps or gets in the way of supporting young people’s mental health in a school community, free from stigma and discrimination.


Hear from our 16 to 25-year-old volunteers and youth consultants who share their experiences of having a mental health problem while at school, the stigma and discrimination they faced, what made them feel supported and the suggestions for stigma-free schools of the future.

Trigger warning: Some of the videos below include discussions of self-harm and suicide, and some of this content may be triggering.

Words Matter

This video covers what mental health stigma and discrimination sounds like in schools, and how it can often present itself as stigmatising language and using throw-away terms that can belittle someone’s experience.  

Isolated, always on guard

What does it feel like when young people experience stigma and discrimination from their peers? 

Stigma Makes it Harder

Hear how stigma and discrimination can make it harder for someone to reach out and get the help they need.

It's Okay to Talk

Who can you talk to about your mental health? Here's why we believe it should be anyone - and why you don't have to be an expert to talk about mental health.

Like a Secret Mission

This video goes into how sometimes starting a conversation about mental health with an adult in a school setting can feel like a secret mission.

A Game Changer

"Have you ever felt not properly listened to by your teachers or staff?"

Grades and Mental Health

Sometimes the staff's focus on grades and how students perform academically can mean they miss the signs someone is struggling with their mental health.

Just One Adult

Having one conversation, with just one adult can change a young person's life.

Connecting with Other Young People

This video goes into a discussion why sometimes it feels easier to open up to other young people rather than the adults in a young person's life.

Accessing Support in Schools

Everyone's mental health is individual, that using a blanket approach to how someone might need to access support in a school system might not be the best way.

Ideas for Change

"What are some changes you'd like to see in school?"

The Barriers

This video covers how a lack of funding, communication and time can pose barriers that stop a young person from wanting or being able to reach out.

A Stigma-Free Future

Openness, acceptance and accessibility to education are some of the key cornerstones these young people mention when envisioning about a world free from stigma.