Action planning materials

Once you’ve completed the See Me See Change training sessions, it’s time to start action planning.

See Me See Change’s training sessions provide schools with all the tools and knowledge they need to make real change – but how do you go about taking action?

A key part of the See Me See Change approach is the action planning stage – bringing together staff and pupils to plan how you’ll work together to take action against stigma in your school.

Below, you’ll find the resources you need to kick-start your action planning session or sessions.

Our action planning guide takes you through, step by step, how to facilitate the session – and the key areas you might want to think about.

Our action planning template can also act as a guide to help you pull your plan together.

Our "How To..." cards were designed to offer you different ideas on how you can make your school environment safer and more inclusive. 

Click on the images below to access the files and save them to your computer.

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