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Run a Feels FM Activity to help tackle mental health stigma and discrimination for young people in Scotland.

What is Feels FM?

As part of Year of Young People we created Feels FM, the World's first emoji powered jukebox for mental health. It's been made with young people, to promote music as a positive coping strategy to deal with feelings and encourages young people to to share their views on what would make a difference for young people in Scotland to help end mental health stigma and discrimination. 

Running Your Own Feels FM Activity

Alongside the online platform, young people have also helped us to make a Feels FM activity which brings Feels FM to life, to support young people to have conversations about mental health.

We are looking for organisations who engage with young people to run Feels FM activities. The pack is great for youth, community, or school groups, and we will give you everything you need! All you need to do is download or order the pack below. Then you just follow the guidance in the pack and let us know how you got on!

You can run activities of varying size, just make sure you have enough facilitators to guide the conversations. We recommend at least one facilitator per 16 young people. 

As part of the conversations you have, we want to know young people’s ideas on what they think would help tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. 

You will need:    

  • See Me Feels FM event pack
  • 60 minutes to run the session
  • Computer/laptop/tablet which can access Feels FM (online)
  • Speakers or a computer loud enough to play your Feels FM playlist
  • Facilitators to help the conversation
  • Markers/pens for everyone taking part

What’s in your pack?

  • Facilitation notes on how to run your event
  • Large Wall Poster with Emoji’s (for voting)
  • Five Feels FM question sheets young people can write their answer on.
  • What’s On Your Mind? cards for every young person taking part. To aid conversations and access help and support
  • Feels FM tip card. A link to the platform, and tips on starting a conversation
  • Posters to promote your event

Order or Download Your Activity Pack

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