Young People's Mental Health

Find out more about our schools resources, campaigns and information to tackle stigma and discrimination for young people.

Mental health stigma and discrimination and young people

Mental health is part of everyone’s day to day life, it affects all of us, but there is still a stigma around it. To tackle this properly we need young people to understand that it is okay not to be okay and you can talk about it.

Our study of young people found that only 37% said they would tell someone if they were finding it difficult to cope with their mental health.

To help young people recover from mental health conditions they need care and support quickly. At the moment it can be difficult for young people to get the help they need.

Working with Young People

All our work is created with young people, because they know best how to tackle stigma in this area.

We chatted with a few of our volutneers at our residential, to find out what was important to them and why they volunteer with us.

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