In any area

Want to make a change, but not sure where? Get ideas of how to make changes in any area, as part of the See Us movement.

Ongoing and sustained change is the most effective way to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination, no matter the area. But we know that taking action has to start somewhere.

We have resources and tools here for you, whether you want to learn more, host a small starter activity, do something big to get everyone talking, or want to make ongoing and sustained change.

We can make a huge difference if we tackle stigma and discrimination by taking action. So it’s vital that people in the See Us movement are taking action, and making a change.

What sorts of resources are you looking for?

Here you can see what resources we have which suit you best. Select the types of resource you want, let us know the size of action you want to take, where you’re at in your journey and the reason you want to take action. We also have a few recommended resources for making a change in any area, if you’re not sure where to start.

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