Walk a Mile

Walk a Mile brings people together to speak about mental health and 'walk a mile in each other’s shoes'. Find out more about breaking down mental health stigma one conversation at a time.

Walk a Mile is a great community event which brings people together to walk and talk about mental health.

The idea is simple; people to come together in an outside space and are invited to pair up to walk a mile while sharing stories and opinions about mental health.

We can provide resources to help with your walk including links to conversation cards to prompt discussion on the walk.

Walking side by side with someone outside can make the conversation easier and more comfortable than sitting face to face. Over the last few years Walk a Mile has become a hugely popular activity with health and social care settings, workplaces, schools and communities

Check out the video below to find out how it all started with our friend Chris McCulloch Young

We're always delighted to help people to arrange their own Walk a Mile events. If you're interested in putting on a walk, please fill out the form below.