Power of Okay

See Me's award winning campaign about the 'Power of Okay' has succeeded in getting people all over the world opening up conversations about mental health by asking the simple question 'Are you okay?'. 

The 'Power of Okay' is a two part campaign which focuses on making improvements in the way people think about mental health at work

The campaign shows how we can support people with how they are feeling, especially if they are struggling, and if we are going through a tough time ourselves, how we can talk to someone at work about it.

The first part of the campaign is from the point of view of someone struggling with their mental health, but unsure if they should tell anyone, or what they should say.

The second part of the campaign is from the point of view of a manager who sees the staff member struggling, but doesn’t want to say anything as they are worried about saying the wrong thing.

Together they show that the simple question, ‘are you okay?’ can make a huge difference, and is something any of us can do.

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