Call for new See Me volunteers

Posted by See Me, 2 October 2023

We’re now recruiting new See Me volunteers who are passionate in helping us tackle mental health stigma.

Our latest round of volunteer recruitment is now open – and we want to hear from people all over Scotland who want to make a difference for people who struggle with their mental health.

Volunteers are central to See Me’s mission to end mental health stigma and discrimination, which is why it is crucial we hear from people across Scotland with different experiences and backgrounds to help our work.

Poet Angela McCrimmon has been volunteering with See Me since 2016 and said it’s been ”a privilege” to be part of the programme, reflecting on how volunteering has given her an opportunity to give others who struggle with their mental health a voice.

She added: “I’ve struggled with my mental health since I was 19, when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder – so I’ve been in the mental health system for almost 30 years.

“So often in that time, I’ve been shut down by psychiatrists and mental health workers. I remember once phoning the crisis team for help, trying to tell them how I felt, and being told, ‘Well, you're awfully articulate for somebody who claims to be unwell!’ Stigma and discrimination are a big problem in our healthcare system.

“I remember being sectioned once and thinking, if I come back from this, I’m coming back fighting – which is one of the reasons why I got involved with See Me.

“I’ve been involved in so many amazing opportunities with See Me – I’ve spoken to the Legal Aid Board about my experiences, I’ve read a poem at the Scottish Parliament, spoken at conferences, and I’ve shared my story in the media.

“Being with See Me has given me more confidence to speak up – and that drive to be the voice for people who haven’t found theirs yet. It’s amazing to be a part of that movement.”

See Me volunteers play varied roles, such as speaking at events, sharing their stories in the media, influencing government policy, helping to design resources, running events and encouraging other people in their communities to join the movement to end mental health stigma and discrimination.

Wendy Halliday, director for See Me, added: “The work See Me undertakes is all driven by a social movement of people across Scotland who are determined to end mental health stigma and discrimination – and our volunteers are central to this.

“It’s really important that our volunteers are representative of different communities and experiences to reflect the diverse experience of people with mental health problems in Scotland.

“Our Scottish Mental Illness Stigma Study showed us that people with experience of severe, enduring and complex mental illnesses across Scotland are withdrawing from opportunities which many of us take for granted – all because of stigma and discrimination.

“Our volunteers help us to tackle this major barrier, we’re really looking forward to seeing what our new volunteers will bring to the programme.”

Full details about the role and how to apply can be found on our volunteering pages.

Important dates for your diary

  • Deadline for applications: Wednesday 25 October at 5pm.
  • Informal discussions take place: Wednesday 1 November at 6pm - 8pm OR Friday 3 November at 10am - 12pm.
  • Proposed date for induction training: Thursday 16 November at 10am - 4pm, in-person (location TBC).

We may not be able to accept every applicant at this time. We are limited by the number of volunteers we can support to join See Me at any particular time.

If you are not successful on this occasion, we will be in touch to suggest some alternative next steps.