See Me in Work

See Me in Work is our free offer of support to those employers in Scotland that are committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces free of stigma and discrimination

See Me in Work Programme

See Me in Work helps employers to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in their organisation and create a better workplace for all their employees.

To make it easier for workplaces we have created a digital portal which can; take you through a self assessment of your organisation, get the views of employees, create an improvement plan, and make real sustained changes.

The four stage programme helps employers to improve cultures, policies and practices relating to mental health.
See Me in Work can save money for employers, enhance their reputation and improve the working lives of every one of their employees.

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Check out our brochure for employers to get more information about taking part.

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Sign up and get involvedSign up and get involved

Contact See Me, register your interest to undertake the See Me in Work programme then take the first steps to tackling discrimination.

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Senior Management Buy In

To undertake the programme it's vital you get senior management buy in and a commitment to respond to the results of the needs assessment with a practical plan of action.

Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost of mental health for your organisation and estimate potential savings.  

Contact See Me

Register your interest in the See Me in Work programme by completing the online application. 

Needs assessment

Gather a baseline and assess the needs of the organisation using the See Me in Work self-assessment tool, and running the online See Me in Work staff survey.

The survey covers:

  • Recruitment
  • In work support
  • Returning to work
  • Organisational culture
  • Training

Create an improvement planCreate an improvement plan

Analyse the survey results and create an initial one year improvement plan which will focus on the areas most in need.

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Data Analysis

The portal will analyse the anonymous data from the staff survey and provide you with a needs assessment report.

Create an Improvement Plan

The improvement plan will be based on areas of improvement (and good practice) identified through the self-assessment and the staff survey.

The initial plan will last for one year.

Transform your practiceTransform your practice

Transform your organisation by putting your one year plan into action.

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Policy and procedures

Ensure policy and procedures include points to address stigma and discrimination and legal requirements are met.

Training management and staff

Develop a training programme to ensure managers can support staff who are experiencing mental health issues.

Employee education

Provide awareness raising sessions for staff so they understand the impact of stigma and discrimination, policies, and know where to get help.

Review and ContinueReview and Continue

In this stage organisations will be encouraged to review and evaluate engagement in the See Me in Work programme,

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Showcase achievements

Share your successes with colleagues and develop good practice case studies. 

Follow Up

A year after the improvement plan is implemented the staff survey is redone to see how things have changed from the baseline during the implementation period.


Develop plans for next key actions you wish to take.

Continuous review and learning

Keep staff engaged by listening to feedback. Learn from successes and what could be done better.

Supporting Resources

Read our See Me in Work resources covering what you need to know while going through the See Me in Work process.