Chanise's Story

Chanise began struggling with her mental health at the age of 11, and was diagnosed with dissociative disorder and depression. She wants young people's mental health to be taken seriously. 

I noticeably started struggling with my mental health at age 11, I had been through a lot already and was only really beginning to understand what went on. I began self-harming on a daily basis in order to cope with what I was feeling and after a year I went to the doctor and told him I wanted to end my life. Fast forward 6/7 months, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. On top of the diagnosis I was receiving weekly therapy sessions and on antidepressants.

On a daily basis I felt like I was drowning, like I was trying to scream for help but nobody could hear me.


Once people started to notice that I was acting “unusual” (covering my arms and legs all the time, keeping to myself) they would avoid me. I’ve had some people make horrible comments about me, some stuck, others not so much. I always worried about opening up to friends and teachers due to the fear that I would be treated differently and people wouldn't want to interact with me. Some people have stuck by me from the second they found out about what was going on but the majority cut ties with me.

For the four years I was getting therapy I was passed around 5 different people constantly having to go over things and never really got any more answers as to what was going on inside my head. I was only a teenager and didn’t know that there was support out there so I shut myself down once I got discharged at 16. I didn’t take antidepressants or talk to anyone for help until the end of last year. I was getting into a really bad place again and no matter what I couldn’t see it ending so I contacted someone through my work. After a few phone calls and an assessment I was told I had dissociative disorder and depression, I was also placed on a waiting list for CBT.

The diagnosis of the dissociative disorder caught me by surprise because I never heard of it or knew anyone with it so I decided to research it.


After reading all the articles and other peoples experiences it all made sense to me. Why I was the way I am and why I feel the way I feel.

Mental health is such a serious thing and people don’t realise that. I was cut off, made fun of, ignored and forgotten about when I was at my lowest points in life and nobody understood me. I want to see people taking mental illness as serious as a broken bone, broken bones are easier to heal than our minds. The stigma surrounding mental health makes people scared to speak out and the lack of professional help leads to suicides. We wouldn’t make someone with a terminal illness wait 6 months to be seen by a doctor so why do people with mental illnesses have to wait?

I wanted to share my story because I’m tired of feeling like I come last to everyone else and we should just be forgotten about until it’s too late.


Don’t tell me that you care then when I seek comfort form you disappear or laugh at me. How many people have to end their life before we are taken seriously?

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