Pass the Badge

Wear a See Me badge for a day, then pass it on and get people talking about mental health. Find out more and get involved.

What is Pass the Badge?

Pass the Badge is a really simple concept that works! And as a result people all over the country and beyond are talking about mental health online, with their friends and family and in the streets.



The campaign was started by our Community Champions to change the way people view mental health.  Pass the Badge invites people to wear a See Me Badge for a day and then pass it onto someone else to wear for the next 24 hours.

Working with clothing company Abandon Ship we developed the activity in to a digital campaign, where people can share their story, their pictures and speak about mental health online.

The message we want everyone to know is we all have mental health, so it's okay to start talking about it. You can join in at


Passing the Badge

So far the badges have started thousands of conversations around the world, with politicians, musicians, actors and DJ's among people having chats about mental health and wearing the badge. Here's some great images of people who have got involved in Pass the Badge. Send us yours to

Start Talking

We want you to “Start Talking” about mental health using our digital badge. You can do this by finding a photo which means something to you and uploading it above to put our digital badge on. Then share it on social media with a story about why you think it’s important to Start Talking about mental health. Then tag a couple of your friends, family or colleagues, ask how their mental health is and get them to share their own badge picture. Let’s talk about our good mental health, our bad mental health and everything in between. We’re all different, but we’re all people. Mental health shouldn’t define us, and if we are all talking about it, then it can’t.

Start Talking

We sat down with Rich from Abandon Ship and bloggers Honey Pop Kisses and Forever Yours Betty to talk about the campaign, mental health, feeling alone, social media and more.

Put on a Pass the Badge Event

If you would like to know more or set up a Pass the Badge event in your workplace, school or anywhere in your community where you are keen to tackle mental health stigma, just fill out this form.



Join our movement for change

Anyone can help tackle stigma and discrimination. You can do as little or as much as you want. Every action makes a difference.

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