What do you think about our latest campaign?

Posted by See Me, 28 March 2024

We have recently ran our latest campaign, If It’s Okay, which aims to tackle the shame people with mental illness experience.

The impact of feeling shame means many people hide a mental illness, even from those closest to them.
This can stop people from getting the help and support they need, make people feel alone and lead to those living with a mental illness to withdraw from opportunities others may take for granted.

Alongside our UK partners, Time to Change Wales, Mind and Inspire in Northern Ireland, we created the campaign to give a voice to those of us who don’t feel that it’s okay to speak about what we are going through.

People from all over the UK have written about when they feel that it hasn’t been okay to not be okay, and we shared these on posters on over 150 sites across the UK, as well as on social media.

Now we want to hear what you think about the campaign. We have a survey and would love to get your views so we can continue to make a difference to people’s lives.

The survey should take around 5 minutes.