See Me Statement on David Cox

Posted by See Me, 30 April 2021

See Me David Cox Statement

David Cox (left) chatting with See Me volunteer Liam

Following reports of Albion Rovers player David Cox receiving abuse due to his mental health, See Me has called for action to be taken against anyone who discriminates against a person because of their mental health.

Wendy Halliday, See Me director, said: “David has been a brilliant advocate for tackling the stigma and discrimination around mental health and suicide. He has spoken out bravely to help normalise discussions, and make it easier for others who are struggling.

“So we are incredibly disappointed to hear David speaking once again about receiving abuse while playing football.

“No one should experience stigma or discrimination because they have struggled with their mental health. These are incredibly serious issues and not ones that should be used for taunts or abuse.

“All across Scotland people keep mental health problems to themselves, worried about the reaction they will receive from others.

“Stigma and discrimination can make people who are mentally unwell feel worse. It can stop them asking for help and ultimately could be the difference between life and death.

“No one should be made to feel ashamed to speak out about their mental health problems. We fully support David’s brave decision to speak publically and welcome the support he has received from his club.

“For this incident, and any other future incidents like this, See Me is urging the clubs, leagues and governing bodies to fully investigate what happens and take action against anyone who is found to have abused a player because of their mental health."