See Me staff host workshop at Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

Posted by See Me, 5 October 2023

With the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF) underway, we've taken the opportunity to use the arts to get talking about mental health stigma.

See Me’s communities and priority groups team, along with volunteers Bridget and Sarah, hosted a workshop as part of Manifesto – the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival’s (SMHAF) opening event in Glasgow.

Inspired by the festival’s "revolution" theme, we asked participants to imagine a world without stigma.

This year’s theme explores what a mental health revolution looks like – and how to start one.

The team hoped to create a space for participants which was positive, optimistic and forward-thinking without minimising the reality of people’s experiences.

Image is of See Me volunteer Bridget speaking at Manifesto.

The workshop, titled A World Without Stigma, involved inviting participants to create a new game. They were asked to use words and images of what a world without stigma looks and feels like. They were also asked to consider the barriers someone could face along the way and what tools and ideas could help us achieve a stigma-free world.

Image is of sticky notes on a wall

Project officer Maeve Grindall, who helped deliver the session, said: “We want to thank all the participants who joined the session and shared their thoughts, experience and feedback - making it such a lively, thoughtful session. This is only the beginning of A World Without Stigma and thank you to all who began the journey with us.”

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