See Me Comment on Sucide Prevention Action Plan

Posted by See Me, 9 August 2018

We welcome the target in the new Suicide Prevention Action Plan to reduce deaths by suicide by 20% by 2022.

Too many people in Scotland are losing their lives to suicide and the new plan must ensure that this changes, by removing the stigma around talking about how you’re feeling and ensuring that immediate and compassionate support is available for those in distress. The newly funded National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group announced as part of the new plan will be vital in helping to achieve this.

We want to see the health and social care sector make the most of opportunities to support individuals in distress, so they have positive experiences in environments, such as Accident and Emergency and with GPs. This can increase people’s confidence in disclosing, without worrying about the reaction they might receive. To create compassionate cultures, it’s important that staff have the skills, confidence and competence to help people.

To aid that we are happy to see the announcement of improved mental health and suicide prevention training for NHS health staff.

In this area, as well as at work, school or with our friends and family, we all need to feel comfortable talking, listening, and supporting someone to get the help and support they need.

If you’re struggling right now, it is okay to say that you’re not feeling okay. Speak to someone you trust, and if you don’t find the right person straight away, ask again, it is hard, but you aren’t alone and you deserve help.