Resource development: chance for school staff to influence new anti-stigma resources for Scotland

Posted by See Me, 14 November 2022

See Me and media production company Media Coop are working with schools across Scotland to create a new series of anti-stigma videos – and we’re calling on school staff to get involved in the development.

These films will bring staff together to have an open and honest conversation about their experiences of mental health in schools, to feature as part of our wider See Me See Change suite of resources.

We’re calling on staff members from secondary schools to participate in one-to-one chats to share their views and help us develop the videos, which will involve discussing ideas and themes the videos should explore.

Some questions might include:

  • What can schools do to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination?
  • What is the impact stigma can have in school environments?
  • What are the barriers and solutions to reducing it?

Following these workshops, we’ll encouraging staff to take part in the filming of the videos. This will likely take place early in 2023. There is no obligation to be involved in the filming if you were present at the one-to-one chats.

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact Claire Jennings at