Help Us Challenge the 'Psycho Asylum'

Posted by See Me, 5 December 2018

We’re joining together with our partner organisation Time to Change to voice real concerns about the Circus of Horror’s next show, Psycho Asylum.

A lot of work has been done to change the way people think about mental health, so outdated, inaccurate stereotypes that casually link mental health to violence and fear, are no longer seen.  So we were shocked to read the title and description of this show.

This show could contribute to people thinking that those of us who experience mental health problems are dangerous. This is completely wrong. On top of that is could also stop people from reaching out for help, if they feel this is how they are perceived.

While we feel the entire premise of the show needs to change, there are some particular parts to the marketing which we would like to highlight from the shows description.

We dare you to enter the darkest dankest corner of the Asylum - THE PSYCHO WARD.
This is the place that houses ‘The Serial Killers, ‘The Psychopaths, The Schizophrenics as well as the deranged degenerates known as 'The Side Show Freaks!


People who are diagnosed with schizophrenia are people experiencing an illness, an illness which is incredibly hard to live with and can have a devastating impact on lives. So to see promotional material for a national show equating it to serial killing is devastating. In addition, using terms such as ‘the lunatics have taken over the asylum’ again just reinforces that people with mental health problems are to be feared, and the use of the discriminatory term ‘lunatic’ is shocking.

Our volunteer Liam said: “I’ve had schizophrenia since I was 16 and angry doesn’t cover it. This is disgusting, how dare they put in schizophrenics with serial killers and psychopaths? How can they do that? People with schizophrenia are just people, experiencing an illness they don’t want. If they could see what it was like to live with my condition for just one day, they would never think of doing that. I had to grow up with these attitudes and it was terrible, and to see it happening like this after all these years, words can’t describe how I feel.”

Information on the show can be found here: and if you would like to join us in voicing concerns to Circus of Horrors you can contact them here: