Changing the System

Posted by See Me, 18 June 2018

Recovery from mental health difficulties or crises is possible, however it can be made a lot more difficult if you experience of stigma and discrimination, which can unfortunately happen in mental health services.

In an editorial for the British Journal of Mental Health Nursing, our Health and Social Care Policy and Practice Officer, Benj McElwee, looks at what difference it could make, if all staff in services were able to spend some time working in the services dedicated to helping people in their recovery.

He discusses how it could help staff’s understanding of recovery, and reduce negative attitudes and behaviours that some staff may have towards people with mental health problems.

At the same time Benj considers the big impact it could have on improving the working environment of the staff, by allowing them to see people regaining hope and starting to flourish.

You can read more here, on how we think this could help to create a wider systems change across the health and social care landscape.