Books Can Beat Mental Health Stigma

Posted by See Me, 25 October 2017

Some of the most famous quotes in history will be used to start conversations on mental health, at an event in Biggar.

The words of Charles Dickens, Sylvia Plath and Nick Hornby will all be used to get people talking about mental health, at the Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover event on November 16th.

Bridget Dickson, who volunteers with anti-stigma programme See Me, has been working with Atkinson-Pryce Books to run the event, which aims to show that mental health can be a topic of conversations anywhere.

There will be speakers at the event sharing their own experience of struggling with their mental health, discussions around famous books and Depressed Cakes, from Freda Douglas’ Depressed Cake shop. Freda set up the shop in memory of her daughter, Evie, who completed suicide in, 2014.

The free event is open to anyone to attend. There will be a selection of self-help books available and a chance for everyone attending to talk about their experiences of mental health if they want to.

Bridget, from Peebles, said: “For me books are an escape. They give me comfort and personal insight. I also think that it sometimes easier to talk about things in your own life, by making reference to a book or character in it, rather than directly talking about yourself.

“There have been times I have read paragraphs out to my friends and family to help them understand how I’m feeling.

“There is a lovely atmosphere in a book shop and the event will have something for everyone.”

The event will run from 7pm-9pm on November 16th at Atkinson-Pryce Books, 27 High St, Biggar ML12 6DA. For more information contact Atkinson-Pryce on 01899 221225.