It's okay campaign

Supporting young people through worries, feelings and the stresses of everyday life. It's okay not to be okay. But it's also okay to ask for help. 

It's Okay...

See Me's latest campaign is reaching out to young people and those who care about them by making a bold statement that it's okay to not feel okay. 

Growing up can be stressful and there are lots of things that worry young people.   If you're reading this as a young person we want adults to take your concerns seriously and not respond with words like:  'it's all going to be okay' or 'it's just a phase'.

Because there are a lot of legitimate reasons why at this age you might not feel okay.  

Does the campaign talk to you?

The campaign aims to help you understand your feelings better and give you the confidence and words to reach out to the right people for support and guidance if you are struggling.

And whatever is bothering you, it's important to know that it’s okay not to be okay.  

Check out the video here. Let's get young people talking about mental health and asking for help before things get out of hand.



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We've set up a special campaign page called where you can find out what others are saying 'it's okay to...' And then post your own ideas or just agree with the ones that strike a chord with you most. Get involved by clicking NOW!