Senior Management Role

Top level commitment

Lead by example and make sure your workplace is mentally healthy.

Senior Management Buy-In

undefinedIt is crucial that leadership in promoting better mental health comes from the top – whether you are the chief executive, a board member or a member of the senior management team.

Developing a culture where managers and staff feel able to talk openly if they are struggling with their mental health is key to success. That means people will feel respected, valued and better supported and you are likely to see an improvement in sickness absence and productivity.

Results can be significant if your mental health strategy hits the mark.


Success means you are responsible for:

  • making the business case for a mentally healthy workplace, including calculating the cost of absence, presenteeism, productivity, staff retention
  • creating a culture where it is okay for everyone to talk openly about mental health
  • championing the development of relevant policies and putting them into practice
  • ensuring management and staff are aware of legal and moral protections against discrimination
  • promoting reasonable adjustments for all employees  - consider what is required at recruitment, in work and when returning to work
  • banning use of language and behaviour that reinforces stigma and discrimination and encourage staff to challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • ensuring that line managers and supervisors are trained to spot and respond to early signs of mental distress among staff
  • championing awareness raising initiatives in your organisation
  • promoting a supportive approach to work/life balance

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