Step 3- Transform


Review the results of the findings report – transform practice by putting your plan into action. 

Step 3 checklist

  • Review your policies and procedures and assess whether they are fit for purpose.

  • Review whether staff awareness raising events or training will be required.   

  • Consider how you tackle issues at recruitment stage and for those in work.

  • Consider what adjustments you can make for people returning to work following a period of ill-health.

Helping to Transform

See Me provides a number of resources and campaigns to assist organisations in achieving transformation. 


Our e-learning programme for managers and staff provides guidance on understanding the impact of mental health stigma and discrimination, rights and good practice at every stage of your working life – from recruitment, when in work and when returning to work following a period of ill-health. The programme includes a series of videos based on real people’s experiences to balance out ‘the drama’ portrayed. The programme consists of six chapters, which cover:

  • Stigma and discrimination in work
  • Recruitment and applying for a new post
  • Recognising signs and symptoms and tackling performance issues
  • Disclosing a mental health problem in work
  • Why colleagues can have a positive role in supporting someone with a mental health problem
  • Returning to work – reasonable adjustments.
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See Me campaigns and activities are an effective way to open up conversation and get people talking about mental health issues.


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Step 4 - Review and Continue