Step 2 - Create an improvement plan

After you have completed Stage 1 and shared your needs assessment report with colleagues it's time to use the findings to develop your improvement plan.


Traffic Light Report

  • Indicates areas of concern relating to policy, procedures, practice and/or training. A review of policies, further education and senior management ‘buy in’ may be required for progress to be made.  It may also indicate that the organisation is failing to meet legal requirements and this should be reviewed as a priority.

  • Indicates that the organisation may need to review policies, procedures, practice and/or training to improve staff and managers’ awareness, attitudes and/or ability to support staff with mental health issues.

  • Indicates that the organisation is likely to have clear policies, procedures and practice to support staff with mental health issues.

Creating an improvement plan.

The Portal will draw from the results of the needs assessment to generate a draft
improvement plan that targets any areas flagged as in need of improvement (Red and Amber).

You will be able to assign details to improvement activities, including who leads / supports delivery, expected timescales, and resources required. You will also be able to add your own activities to the plan.

The initial improvement plan will last for a one-year period.

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Step 3- Implementation