Social Media Volunteers

Social Media volunteers will have the opportunity to work with us to generate our social media content for a day.

Social Media Volunteers

As a See Me Social Media Volunteer you will be given access to the See Me social media accounts for a day at a time to engage people on the issues around mental health stigma and discrimination that are important to you.

Presenting as yourself, you will use the See Me accounts as a platform to use your voice of lived experience, raising the issues that matter to you.

This could include:

  • Starting online debates.
  • Highlighting interesting news stories, blogs and videos.
  • Talking to See Me followers and the wider social media community.
  • Engaging with other organisations on social media.

The idea of the programme is to empower people with lived experience and allow their voices to be heard. You will not speak on behalf of See Me, but instead bring attention to relevant things that matter to you.

Social media volunteers may also be given the chance to attend See Me events, where you will be responsible for tweeting live updates as they happen.

For more information on the role and to express your interest in applying please contact: 

Our Campaign Pack

If you want to join our movement and help to end mental health stigma and discrimination in Scotland we have everything you need in our campaign pack.

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