Videos on Human rights

Videos on Human Rights

Change Network Peer researchers on the human rights based approach

Rhiann McLean talks about the importance of using the right language.

Human Rights Explained In A Two Minute Animation

This 2-minute animation by will tell you everything you need to know about your human rights and why they matter. Can you name a key UK human rights case and what it does for us all? Do you know how many cases the UK actually loses against the European Court of Human Rights? We’re not in the business of telling anyone what to think. But to know your rights is to protect them. We need to make sure we’re educated. Know, celebrate, protect and SHARE!


The Glasgow girls

The Glasgow Girls campaign has become much bigger than just about a group of seven girls. It is about a community that stood up against injustice. It's about humanity, fairness and human rights. The message from their story is that, once united, anyone can make a positive difference and change people's lives. People from all walks of life united to stand up and speak up about the inhumane way asylum seekers were being treated. Children were being locked up. How can that ever be justified?

An Amnesty International award winning documentary filmed in 2005 when it was standard practice for immigration officials to force their way into family homes of asylum seekers in the early hours of the morning. They were removed to a detention centre at Yarl's Wood in Bedfordshire pending deportation. Most had never posed any flight risk and for many the experience was frighteningly reminiscent of the places they had fled. A group of girls, some asylum seekers, some indigenous local kids built a campaign and eventually succeeded in making the practice politically unacceptable.


The follow up to "The Glasgow Girls", having won their battle to save their friend from deportation, in 2007 they turn their attention to the wider political stage and head for the Scottish Parliament.