Human rights based approach library

Human rights based approach library


A Human Rights Based Approach by Cathy Asante, SHRC

A presentation by The Scottish Human Rights Commission Legal Officer, Cathy Asante at a See Me workshop in January 2015. A human rights-based approach involves applying the principles of participation, accountability, non-discrimination, empowerment and legality to addressing an issue. The Commission is working with See Me to help embed a human rights-based approach in the work it supports to end mental health stigma and discrimination.

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A Brief history of Human Rights

Read a brief history of Human Rights.


Our Care about Rights?

The Scottish Human Rights Commission has developed training and awareness raising resources relating to the care and support of older people. This project aims to empower people to understand their human rights, and increase the ability and accountability of those who have the duties to respect, protect and fulfil rights.

Human rights for the care and support of older people

The FAIR approach

The Scottish Human Rights Commission has developed  the ‘FAIR’ approach to help people put a human rights based approach into practice using basic steps.

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The FREDA Principles Approach

The ‘FREDA’ (Fairness. Respect. Equality. Dignity. Autonomy) Principles Approach has been used in a healthcare setting to promote human rights, particularly in psychiatric care. These principles are the basics of good clinical care sewn into what clinicians already do on a daily basis.

Human rights in healthcare


This website is about bringing human rights to life using infographics, stories and social media. The project is the brainchild of barrister Adam Wagner. is about using social media to find new ways to talk about and deliver human rights stories and information.

Human rights information to share


Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP) is a roadmap towards a Scotland where we can all live with human dignity - where everyone's rights are realised. SNAP aims to build a better human rights culture, help improve people's lives through human rights and contribute to a better world by giving effect to Scotland's international human rights obligations.

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