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Erasing the Stigma: Where Science Meets Advocacy - by Patrick W. Corrigan & Kristin A. Kosyluk  (2013)  

Patrick Corrigan is a leading researcher in the field of mental health stigma and discrimination and this journal article provides a summary on the importance of measuring change on reducing stigma within a wider context of what the research tells us works.

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Project 99

A good example of change in practice – essentially good partnership working where a range of people come together under a shared agenda (in this instance young people and digital innovation) with young people themselves and co-production principles at the heart of all the work.

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Theatre Nemo

Ex Nemo ad Aliquis

This report on the work of a change network partner considers how there is a fundamental disconnect between the work being done by arts organisations and measures of success within the criminal justice system. While government targets are built around an end – offending – arts organisations tend to focus on means – personal, social and emotional skills. What is often lacking is a clear theory of change and evidence that links one to the other. With the belief that people can change and other values such as respect and integrity, Theatre Nemo is creating change in Scottish prisons.

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Innovation Labs

The Labs worked with over 100 young people, youth mental health professionals and digital agencies. Together, through two innovation labs and an incubation process, they explored 126 ideas, developed seven of them, and awarded grants to seven partnerships of charities, designers and young people to make them into products.

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