Storytelling about networks

Storytelling about networks

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Stuart’s poem 1

The days run passed

and nothing lasts

as the wire of sound

comes from the ground

a possible dream

makes life so serene

and clearness of thought

goes just where it ought

and from now and then

i live with the pen

a shudder to think

if life's on the brink

Stuart’s poem 2

from now until then

i'll see them again

and just like then

i'll ask once again

the daily commute

would be nice by foot

a can't play the lute

or straightly shoot

but then i depend

if life never end's

Stuart’s poem 3

i will ask some friends

on why i comprehend

as life is awkward

pushing boats forward

as we sail on the ships

and speak from our lips

the point being

to retract from meaning

and live seeming

no advice gleaming

but to say underway

life out from the bay

usually get waves

from the shore every day

Stuart’s poem 4

so to refrain and react

to be so ever exact

can't live in the knack

repeat and retract

and come to an end

again with a friend

and the words i have penned

to life on the mend