What is a Social Movement?

Our movement for change is for all of us who are passionate about ending mental health stigma and discrimination. We want understanding and equality so that people who experience poor mental health have the same opportunities as others to lead a fulfilled life.


What is a Social Movement?

A social movement is when a group of people come together with a shared vision of creating or effecting change. Social movements have existed for a long time and throughout history have had a real impact on the way we live our lives.

The movement for change is open to all and it always will be.

What does it do?

A social movement needs people to make things happen. See Me enables people with lived experience to engage in creating the change they want to see. Together we share resources, knowledge and a passion for bettering the lives of those who experience poor mental health.

Our social movement influences communities, decision makers, workplaces and education settings. From having conversations to holding events as well as local and national campaigns, the movement is diverse, informed by its members and adapts to the needs of each community.

Why do we have it?

Unfortunately, stigma and discrimination is still an issue today in Scotland. People with mental health problems can face huge barriers in being able to live fulfilled lives.

No one understands the issues, barriers and solutions to ending mental health stigma and discrimination better than those who have experienced it. Championing a movement led by people with experience means that when change happens it has a real, positive impact for those who need it most.

Want to learn more?

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