Our advisory group

Our advisory group

Our advisory group provides us with expert advice to guide the programme and support the programme team to create a culture of learning and innovation.

Members serve as high profile champions and have been selected for their expertise, knowledge and understanding of mental health stigma, discrimination and recovery. 50% of the members of the advisory group have lived experience of mental ill-health.

Name Contact
Patricia Lonzano-Casal (Chairperson) info@seemescotland.org
Cathy Asante info@seemescotland.org
Linda Findlay info@seemescotland.org
Nigel Henderson info@seemescotland.org
Tamsin Kilgour info@seemescotland.org
Lee Knifton info@seemescotland.org
Francesca Lacey info@seemescotland.org
Catrina MacGregor info@seemescotland.org
Chris Oswald info@seemescotland.org
Frank Reilly info@seemescotland.org
Niall Kearney info@seemescotland.org
Frances Simpson info@seemescotland.org
Billy Watson info@seemescotland.org

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