Our Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group

The Advisory Group’s role is to provide advice and insight to See Me, helping us achieve our outcomes and objectives. The Advisory Group provides assurance that we remain true to our mission. 

Members have been selected for their expertise, and at least half of the Advisory Group consists of people with lived experience of mental health problems. Key stakeholder organisations complete the membership. The membership is reviewed from time to time to ensure we have the knowledge and expertise we need. 

Contact info@seemescotland.org for more information.

Karen Lally (Chair)
Cathy Asante
Linda Findlay
Isabella Goldie
Suzanne Hargreaves
Graeme Henderson
Niall Kearney
Tamsin Kilgour
Francesca Lacey
Karen Lally
Judith Lowes
Fiona McGrail
Catrina MacGregor
Bill Stevenson
Frank Reilly
Frances Simpson
James Smith
Billy Watson

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