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‘see me’ summer events off to a great start

This summer we are taking our gazebo to four different events to meet with the public and have loads of conversations about mental health stigma and discrimination. The first of these events took place on Sunday 16th June at the Men’s 10k in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park. It was a great success, and not only because the sun decided to show up half-way through the morning!


'see me' Volleyball Success

Local charity PLUS Perth’s ‘see me’ team ended a successful volleyball season securing runner up position in both the Perth & Kinross Recreational League and the Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament Consolation cup at the weekend. ‘see me’, now a well–known name in the Perth volleyball circuit, combines playing sport with challenging the stigma and discrimination associated with mental ill-health.


[BLOG] Running for mental resilience 

(This was first writtent as a Guest Blog for Men's 10k).

Running has always been an integral part of human existence; from chasing, or being chased by, wild animals in the African Savannah to carrying important messages between the city states in Ancient Greece. I am not sure when we started to run for leisure, but by 776 BC a games was held in Olympia, with the stadion (a short sprint the length of the stadium) as its only event.


New 'see me' materials this summer?

'see me' will be attending several events this summer and as part of this we have an opportunity to stock up on new materials. We have come up with a few ideas that we think would work but we would really like to know what materials you would like 'see me' to produce (budget allowing).

To vote in our poll and give us your thoughts please click here.

Beyond Blue:  My Name is Anxiety

Our partner campaign in Australia, Beyond Blue, launched a new campaign this week ‘Get to know anxiety’.  The film ‘My Name Is Anxiety’ will be shown on TV and in cinemas, and the campaign is based on a large piece of online research that Beyond Blue carried out last year.  If you’d like to comment on the campaign, please visit our Facebook page.