Get Value For Money

Good communication doesn’t have to cost the earth, Use your resources wisely to reach your target audience.

Practical ways of using your resources wisely:

  • Decide how much you have to spend and stick to it. Campaigning will cost as much as you let it cost – and it’s not always the better for being expensive.
  • Don’t under-estimate the power of direct contact. Sometimes one well-planned face-to-face conversation can achieve more than a thousand posters.
  • Work out all costs before you start your activity. Don’t get caught out by things like venue costs and postage. If you can develop a campaign spreadsheet it will help you track spending and work out if what you did was good value for money.
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel – is there something that’s been done before which can be used again or adapted?
  • Can you make use of free materials from other organisations which will get you message across? ‘see me’ has a wide range of FREE materials available to order from our website.
  • Costs of things like printing can sometimes be negotiated so don’t be afraid to let suppliers know how much (or little) you have to spend.
  • Save money and time by matching your ‘channels of communication’ to your audience and your message. The best channel is the one that means you reach your audience – and within your budget.