From Ideas To Action

It doesn’t matter how big or small your ideas are. Sometimes the smallest of things can make a huge difference. Once you know what it is you want to achieve and who you’re trying to reach, then you need to plan ACTIONS to help you. Your actions need to fit your objectives and your audience. You want to get the message across – not have your target audience running in the opposite direction.

Your ideas might include:

  • Poster campaign in your local area
  • Sponsored ‘event’ with the theme of tackling stigma with all money raised going to a local mental health organisation
  • Use of survey statistics to get local media attention
  • Letters to the local press
  • A stall at a local show or gathering (‘see me’ can supply a range of free materials to help you)
  • Local competitions – perhaps in a school or the workplace too – on the theme of attitudes to mental health
  • Getting local organisations and employers to sign up to the ‘see me’ Pledge and develop action plans to fight stigma and discrimination
  • People who can speak first-hand about mental ill-health, recovery and stigma, visiting local schools, workplaces, guilds and community councils
  • Wider partnerships between organisations to raise issues of mental health discrimination in services – such as in health centres, local public transport, or to raise the profile of mental ill-health and inform local services such as ambulance crews, police forces and so on.
  • Tackling the local media immediately you see negative reporting of mental ill-health (see Tackling Stigma in the press).

Capturing local media attention (in a good way!) is always going to take your message further – see our toolkit section on Working With The Media for further guidance. See our website for some photos of local groups in action – and don’t forget to send us your own photos!