Campaign Tone and Key Messages

All successful campaigns have a distinct and consistent ‘tone’ and brand identity which fits in with both our task and our values.

The ‘see me’ campaign seeks to be:

  • Hard-hitting and direct, without being shocking
  • Avoid ‘blaming’ or ‘wagging the finger’ at those who stigmatise and discriminate
  • Promote an inclusive message: ‘lets’ stop the stigma of mental ill-health’ means that we are planning to do this TOGETHER. We all have to change – not just ‘you’
  • Show people with mental health problems in a positive light – as more than their ‘diagnosis’ or ‘label’. This is especially important when we work with news photographers and our media volunteers
  • Show people throughout our campaign. ‘see me’ is nothing without its people: it’s staff, volunteers and champions
  • Positive – even we are challenging others; so that we suggest alternative approaches.
  • Warm and engaging: if we can’t win people over, what chance to we really have to make lasting change?

Some of our key messages to date have been:

  • Let’s stop the stigma of mental ill-health (see me’s strap-line)
  • See the person, not the label
  • 1 in 4 Scots will experience a mental health problem at some time in our lives.
  • People with mental health problem can and do recover
  • People recover best with help and support
  • Stigma hampers recovery from mental health problems.
  • For people with mental health problems, what you do (what we all do) makes a difference
  • You don’t need to do anything special – just be yourself.