Defeat Stigman – ‘see me’s new mobile web app

Use the QR code on this page to download our new app! Or you can use the browser on your phone to visit to download it.

Through various interactions with the app’s protagonist with a bad attitude - Stigman - the app raises awareness of the stigma and discrimination that are still often associated with mental ill-health. It also aims to show us how we can all change our behaviour to reduce stigma and discrimination and better support those with mental health problems. To find out how clued up you are about mental health issues, challenge Stigman by answering the questions in the app, which are all related to stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health. When you answer a question incorrectly, Stigman’s strength increases. However, when you answer a question correctly, Stigman becomes weaker.

Can you defeat Stigman? Play along and find out! And once you have played, please share the app via the built in share option.

And please don't forget to tell us what you think about the app by filling this quick (5min) survey:



The App was launched on Monday the 8th of October to mark the beginning of Scottish Mental Health Week. Suzie Vestri, Campaign Director of 'see me' said:'Our survey suggests that 60% of Scots would not find it hard to talk to someone with a mental health problem. This is encouraging and suggests many people are open to supporting those with a mental health problem. However, there is still work to be done and we will continue to challenge the stigma and discrimination which exists in Scotland'

stigmen group_starjump   stigmen circle

The app was developed for ‘see me’ by Coffee With A Lid Ltd, which is a wee East Lothian based digital agency.

Coffee With A Lid have been involved in a wide array of digital projects over the past year. From filming and editing pop videos for The Proclaimers with Matt Lucas, designing fresh brands for tech start ups through Edinburgh University to designing and developing the Stigman mobile web app for 'see me', Coffee With A Lid like to keep busy. With almost 3 years hands on experience in the mobile market place, Coffee With A Lid, is based in Scotland but not stuck! Owned and managed by Colin Usher, Coffee With A Lid launches its second children's book for the iPad 'Keeping It Together' later in 2012.

Colin Usher, owner of Coffee With A Lid, said about the new ‘see me’ app: "Working with the 'see me' team on the 'Defeat Stigman' campaign has been both an absolute pleasure and a welcome challenge. What better way to reach a wide audience and to help end mental health stigma in Scotland. Their energy and devotion to achieving their goals is inspiring and infectious. We hope people of all ages in Scotland and beyond enjoy interacting with the mobile web app and continue to share this important message."

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