Awarded £4,000

Project name: Vibrant Highland

To develop a vibrant, Highland-wide network of young people (13-25   year old) with mental health problems to empower them to speak out in a   collective voice and to have a say in decisions that affect their lives.

This project aims to raise young people’s awareness of what they should expect from services and their rights and entitlements, and will build their capacity to speak out and challenge stigma and discrimination.

It will hold 2 Stakeholder events, run focus groups and consultations   with young people in schools and youth cafes, set up an advisory / steering   group led by young people, and produce a DVD with young people speaking out   about the importance of youth mental health and the impact of stigma on their   lives.



Awarded £3,000

Mind Yer Heid

This project will engage a core group of isolated young people serving   sentences in Polmont who do not leave their halls and avoid participating in   any activities due to feelings of anxiety, depression, paranoia or the fear   of being in large groups. In the   prison environment these young people are often marginalised and their feelings   of isolation are heightened, increasing the possibility of mental   ill-health. ‘Mind Yer Heid’ will involve   developing young people’s knowledge of mental health issues, coping   strategies, help and support available, both in custody and the community and   building their confidence to talk openly about mental health. The group will create a portable positive   mental health exhibition which will tour the prison. The exhibition will use a variety of different   mediums to engage and educate young people and staff throughout the Scottish   Prison Service and promote discussion around mental health.



Awarded £3,200

Project name: ‘see me’ I’m a young carer

‘see me’ I’m a young carer will use the creative arts to engage and   support young carers living with a parent with mental illness. It will provide workshops in drama,   creative writing and performance, and give young carers an opportunity to try   activities they otherwise would not be able to. Theatre Nemo will support them in learning   good social skills as well as practical skills.

The young people will be supported to write, produce and perform a drama   piece looking at issues they face on a daily basis, hidden issues that need   to be brought out in the open. It will also make a DVD of the performance to   reach a wider and more diverse audience.



Awarded £4,000


Inspired by a pupil who was experiencing stigma within the school,   ‘Minders’ will recruit a team of young people who will design, develop and   deliver an anti-stigma campaign in their school. They will receive peer education training   and support to create their campaign as a model for other schools and youth   clubs in Shetland.





Awarded £2,000

See me – it’s all our business  

Working with Falkirk Chamber of Commerce FDAMH will run a series of   Mental Health Awareness courses for local businesses in Forth Valley. They will run workshops in Falkirk, Alloa   and Stirling aimed at managers, HR staff and workers in order to promote the   message that a healthy workplace equals a healthy business. The workshops will stimulate the   participants to consider how they could create an effective mental health   policy within their own business, what tools they need to maintain and what   measures they might need to implement to track its effectiveness. FDAMH aim to recruit 24 local businesses   who will show their commitment to promoting positive mental health and sign   up to the ‘see me’ pledge.

COMMUNITY LINKS (South Lanarkshire)

Awarded £4,000

Supporting communities of   South Lanarkshire in Mental Health

Supporting communities of South Lanarkshire in Mental Health is an   online social media, social marketing campaign aimed at young people aged   16-24. The project will increase awareness of mental health & wellbeing   of young people, increase the confidence of those who experience mental   health issues and help to tackle stigma and discrimination by using social   media as the main form of communication.   Creative concepts will be developed with young people who experience   or have experienced mental health issues and are engaging with local   services.

The project aims to reach 2,000 facebook users, 2,000 twitter users   and 500 Youtube views.



Project name: Moving Minds

This project is a collaboration between Gypsy/Travellers and a drama   artist to create, practice and perform short drama sketches. The drama pieces will be designed to be   performed together or as stand –alone pieces.   They will be performed at training sessions and conference as well as public   events and following each performance there will an opportunity to discuss   the issues raised to open up channels of communication and stimulate   discussion.   The pieces of drama will   also be filmed so that it can be used in future training sessions and to   reach a wider public audience.



Project name: Sharing experiences: New Horizons

We will produce a 50 page publication in both hard copy and pdf   format and circulated in places where the general public will be able to   access it. The publication will bring   together positive recovery experiences that challenge the stigma that exists,   especially in rural areas like the Scottish Borders, around what people with   mental health problems look like, act like and behave like. It will be distributed through libraries,   health centres, community centres, leisure centres as well as through mental   health services. As a members’ led   service, we are in a unique position to gather these stories and experiences   in a setting where people feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. We will work with other user-led services   across Scotland with whom we have existing relationships to include positive   stories from their areas.



Project Name: Mental Health Outreach Project

We will tackle some of the stigma that surrounds mental health and   breaks down the barriers that traditionally exist in an isolated rural community   when talking about mental health, personal thoughts and feelings. We will produce information cards, with messages   of positive mental wellbeing, detailing support organisations, typically   highlighting an anti-stigma message.   Using a local artist who lives with mental health issues to design the   materials, we will co-ordinate a steering group to include individuals with   experience of mental ill-health to oversee content and information. Reflecting island life we will use Gaelic   within the design and list the local services as being a point of contact for   support and signposting to other organisations.

Once produced these wallet sized cards would be launched with local   employers such as Western Isles Council, shops, Post Office, building companies,   fire service etc. Employers will then be   asked to distribute the cards to all their staff members. Accompanying letters and visits at the time   of the launch will aim to encourage employers to see this as a valuable   exercise in getting mental health on the agenda at work, supporting   relationships with their employees and an opportunity to raise awareness and   challenge stigma and traditional stereotypes that exist around mental ill-health.  



Project name: working title; LGBT Creative Writing   Project

The project will begin with a series of creative writing workshops   exploring the ways in which mental ill-health affects LGBT people, and how   people can support themselves and each other.   These will be led by professional writers who have lived experience of   mental ill-health, who will be offered training in working creatively with   people with a diverse range of mental health issues. The sessions will be designed to give   participants skills in a variety of writing styles and performance.

Participants’ writing will be collected to form a book, which will be   published in printed, ebook and web format, designed by the participants with   support from an experienced designer.   It will include a variety of forms of writing and related visual   art. The book will be launch at a   celebratory public event. Participants   will have the opportunity to perform their own work or to have someone else   perform it.