'see me' launched a new young people's campaign- February 2012


What's On Your Mind?

We know that we need to start raising people's awareness about mental ill-health when they are young. That is why at the end of February 2012 we launched our young people's campaign 'What's On Your Mind?' to educate 13 -15 year olds about the stigma of mental ill-health and how they can challenge it.

The aim of this campaign is to encourage young people to think about how  their behaviour towards someone of their own age with mental ill-health affects that person. We want to encourage young people to think about how they can support their friends who may experience mental ill-health.

At the end of February 'see me' provided all secondary schools in Scotland with  a multi-media resource pack for teachers. It will also be made available to youth workers, youth organisations and anyone working with young people aged 13-15.

The pack, which is also be available online, contains multi-disciplinary lesson  plans, a compelling video to facilitate discussion as well as practical information to offer guidance and tips on how to support someone with a mental health problem.

The campaign has been designed to support the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and help young people to talk about the issues surrounding mental health and stigma.

Please visit www.seemescotland.org/whatsonyourmind for more information and to view the pack.

On Edge

‘On Edge’ is an education resource pack and has been developed, through a partnership approach by Choose Life (Renfrewshire Council), West Dumbarton CHCP, West Dunbartonshire Council, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (Health improvement) and Inverclyde CHCP.  The resource aims to:

•        tackle the myths that surround self-harm;
•        reduce the stigma associated with it by increasing understanding of its function;
•        reduce the barriers to help seeking by raising awareness of sources of support and promote a consistent humane response to a behaviour, which is a manifestation of distress.
Careful consideration in the development of the pack has taken account of Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC - Scottish Government, 2006), Curriculum for Excellence (Education Scotland, 2010) and The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 (Scottish Government, 2008).  On Edge is therefore aimed at S2 pupils and above. The learning intentions for each lesson are based on the Curriculum for Excellence Level 3 Experiences and Outcomes.

Please click on the Image above to go to the online Information Pack. Videos and various other related Media will be hosted here soon!

 Information from 'see me's previous Children & Young People's Campaign is available below:

Cloud Boy

‘see me’ first started developing its Just Like Me campaign in 2003 and we consulted over 1000 young people across Scotland before the first of the ads (Cloud Girl) was launched.   The campaign involved young people talking directly about their own experiences of being bullied and stigmatised because of their mental health problems, and the campaign won awards.

The need to address young people’s attitudes to mental ill-health was recognised from the earliest stages of the ‘see me’ campaign. Initial research with a range of national children’s organisations supported the idea of a dedicated young people’s anti-stigma campaign. The campaign aims:

• To challenge young people’s own attitudes and behaviour towards people of all ages with mental health problems.
• To combat the self-stigma that can result in young people not seeking help when they need it.
• To reach other family members through young people
• To promote a better understanding of recovery
• To raise awareness of the issues with professionals working with young people

In this section of the website you can read more about stigma and young people, find out what you can do to challenge stigma, tell us your own experiences of mental health stigma and follow links for more information.

Adults can also read information about how they can help.


Young people have their own campaign website Just Like Me which features the two characters from our ads Cloud Girl and Cloud Boy.