The goal of all care and treatment for mental health problems is to achieve recovery; that is to say to enable a person to live a fulfilling life, in the presence or absence of symptoms. The circumstances in which people are supported on this “Journey of Care” vary immensely.

Just as with physical illness, the environments in which care for mental ill health is delivered vary too. 

Mental health services are also best delivered when the needs of a patient, their families and friends, and their community are considered as a whole. This may be in the “intensive care” environment of The State Hospital or secure care clinic, or in the community, with the support of a community mental health team or GP.

The vast majority of all care for mental ill health takes place in the community, with primary care services and outpatient support from community mental health teams. A small number of people will need inpatient care, and only a tiny proportion of those will ever need a secure environment.

Treatment must meet patient need. When this is not the case, or treatment is ill suited, that treatment may be less effective.

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