At ‘see me’, we know that we are not alone in tackling stigma and discrimination.  Around the world there are national campaigns, just like ours and different!  Start your exploring in New Zealand and then work your way closer to home!


Like Minds Like Mine.Like Minds Like Mine

The Like Minds Like Mine campaign is 5 years ahead of ‘see me’ and has much to teach us.

Like Minds, Like Mine is a public health funded project to reduce the stigma of mental illness and the discrimination that people with experience of mental illness face everyday in the community.  Their website provides information and resources on the project, looks at who is involved and how people can contribute to creating a nation that values and includes people with mental illness.

Mental Health Commission of Canada.Mental Health Commission of Canada

We were excited to read about this campaign in development in Canada and hope to work more closely with them in future.

The Commission is launching a major, national 10-year anti-stigma and discrimination reduction campaign. This campaign will be the largest systematic effort to reduce the stigma of mental illness in Canadian history.  The MHCC will work with social marketers to create such a plan. Social marketing utilises such common marketing practices as consumer research, advertising and promotion.


1 de cada 41 in 4 (Spain) This website (in Spanish) includes information and personal testimony as well as campaign tips.  The campaign is funded by Junta de Andaluz (regional government).


World Health Organisation Europe.The World Health Organisation (WHO) Europe commissioned NHS Health Scotland to develop and publish a ‘toolkit’  (link to pdf) and briefing paper (link to pdf) designed to help people and organisations who want to tackle stigma and discrimination.  The guidebook contains information about a number of national campaigns.



Within the UK and Ireland we have close working relationships with others who are working on a national level or who are involved in attempts to get national campaigns off the ground.


Rethink Northern Ireland.Rethink Northern Ireland has been running a campaign to tackle stigma and discrimination, including TV advertising, posters and more.





HafalHafal provides services across Wales but also campaigns to end stigma and discrimination.  The campaign has provided advice and support to ‘see me’.


Moving People is a new campaign in England to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.  It funded by Comic Relief and the Big Lottery fund.  It is due to be formally launched on October 2008.



Chizophrenia Ireland.Schizophrenia Ireland
Schizophrenia Ireland is the national organisation dedicated to upholding the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by enduring mental illness including, but not exclusively, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder and bi-polar disorder, through the promotion and provision of high-quality services and working to ensure the continual enhancement of the quality of life of the people it serves.


Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.Within Scotland we are a key partner to the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and work closely with some great local groups who are working to tackle stigma and discrimination.  They have good local track records of success:





Mind Your HeadMind Your Head
Mind Your Head is a Shetland charity formed to raise awareness of mental ill-health and to:  reduce the stigma of mental ill-health; promote counselling and other forms of mental health support services; and promote mental ill-health awareness specifically in relation to suicide prevention. ‘see me’ works with Mind Your Head at a local level.

Birchwood Highland.Birchwood Highland
Birchwood Highland provides services and care, and promotes recovery.  It also works to raise the profile of mental ill-health and has worked with ‘see me’ on local and national action.



PLUS Perth and Kinross.PLUS Perth and Kinross
One of PLUS Perth and Kinross’s key aims is to raise awareness of mental health issues in the community and challenge stigma.  PLUS has been working with ‘see me’ for a number of years and ‘see me’ sponsors its volleyball team



Highland Users Group (HUG)Highland Users Group
One of HUG’s key aims is to challenge stigma and raise awareness of mental health. 
It targets this work at professionals, young people and the media.  It has a member on ‘see me’s Management Group.



Augment - AngusAugment
Augment has organised several activities aimed at raising the profile of mental health and tackling stigma.  ‘see me’  has worked with Augment in a number of ways.

Positive Mental Attitudes.Positive Mental Attitudes
PMA is based in the east of Glasgow and works to promote better understanding of mental health problems.  It runs training for individuals and organisations, runs workshops and worked with ‘see me’ to develop a curriculum pack for use in schools. (link to curriculum pack on our site).



HAVOC stands for ‘having a voice on change’ and is based in South Lanarkshire.

In addition we work with many other projects and groups.