1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem at some time in our lives.  Three quarters of us know someone with a mental health problem. 

The stigma of mental ill-health has been called ‘one of the last great taboos’.  People with mental health problems often tell us that the reactions of family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and employers is harder to deal with the illness itself. 

Stigma can range from being ignored and excluded to verbal and physical harassment and abuse.  81% of people with lived experience of mental ill-health told ‘see me’ that they had experienced stigma. And many people keep quiet about their experiences due to uncertainty about how people would react - 59% of people don’t talk much about themselves because they don’t want to burden others with their mental health problem.

Let’s get serious about tackling stigma and discrimination.  The pages linked from here tell you a bit more about stigma.  The rest of this site helps us all to do something to stop it.