‘see me’ is changing the way that the public thinks about mental ill-health. Our target audience is the Scottish general public and we have to find ways of reaching them, whilst also making sure that what we say is true to the real-life experiences of those of us who have experienced mental ill health and/or stigma.

However, changing the way that the public thinks is not enough. We also have to change the way that members of the wider public behave towards people with mental health problems.

People with experience of mental ill-health tell us that all too often, when they most need support, their friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues and bosses just don't seem to be able to respond in a way which helps.  The general public tells 'see me' that they want to do 'the right thing' but are often scared of getting it wrong, of making things worse, or worried that they just don't know enough to make a difference.

"We develop and run adverts for the TV and radio and produce materials such as posters, leaflets and postcards for free public distribution.

We speak at meetings and conferences both at home and abroad

We run two websites – this one and our young people’s website which aim to educate people about mental health and stigma, and inspire them to get involved in our campaign. We produce fact sheets and have a collection of testimony which people can access to tell them what stigma is really like.

We measure our progress in a number of ways – but mainly through the independent and Government funded Public Attitudes Survey which is carried out every two years and our own Hear Me! survey

Progress so far:


PAS Results