• Establishment of ‘see me’ process of on-going relationship-building, consultation, testing and evaluation
  • Recruitment and training of media volunteers
  • Development of suite of campaign resource materials, and website
  • Launch of integrated social marketing campaign including TV and outdoor advertising

  • Jointly funded local campaign run with NHS Grampian
  • Evaluation showed good public recognition and understanding
  • IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) Effectiveness Award, Bronze Award winner and outright winner for Best Integrated Campaign.



  • After consultation, development of phase 2 messages  and phase 2 TV campaign, supported by resource materials and PR

Pledge signing North Lanarkshire.

  • Recruitment and training of media volunteers
  • Launch of Stigma Stop Watch – responses to and withdrawal of Sun headline ‘Bonkers Bruno Locked Up’
    Publication of  guidelines for media professionals
  • Launch of anti-stigma network of activists
  • Launch of ‘see me’ Pledge with 15 organisations in Lanarkshire
  • Mental Health Media Award winner, best public information campaign for “Goalie” TV ad





  • Surveys of working age general public and of people with experience of mental ill health carried out to generate supporting evidence for the campaign
  • Recruitment and training of media volunteers
  • Joint integrated workplace campaign with NHS Ayrshire and Arran
  • Development and launch of workplace campaign, including radio ads, supporting resource materials and PR

'The Manic Depressive' Data Analyst.The Depressive NurseThe Schizophrenic Storeman. 


"Boss Trouble" Radio Ad - Listen here 

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"Foot and Mouth" Radio Ad - Listen here 

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  • A total of £20,000 for local anti-stigma work allocated by NHS Lanarkshire, and North and South Lanarkshire councils
  • Public Attitudes Survey 2004 found evidence to suggest significant improvements in attitudes around dangerousness, public risk and openness since launch of ‘see me’



  • Surveys of young people to generate supporting stats for the campaign
  • Recruitment and training of media volunteers
    NHS Greater Glasgow and Glasgow Healthy Cities Partnership allocates £65,000 to the Glasgow Anti Stigma Partnership
  • Development and launch of young people campaign, including TV ad, supporting resource materials, bespoke web micro-site and PR

Cloud Boy 

Cloud Girl

  • Expansion of media volunteer programme as a resource for partners in the National Programme
  • Motherwell FC become the first premier league club to sign the ‘see me’ pledge

Terry Butcher, Motherwell F.C., stopping the stigma of Mental Ill Health.

  • Mental Health Media Award, best public information campaign for “Cloud Girl” TV ad



  • Complaints from ‘see me’ and campaign Stigma Stop Watchers leads Coca Cola to withdraw its ‘Blind date without the psychos’ ad
  • Media volunteers recruited and trained for suicide prevention week for the first time
  • The Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee calls upon the Scottish Government to tackle the barriers facing people with disabled people by supporting a campaign ‘along the lines of the ‘see me’ campaign’
  • New TV ad on ‘self-stigma’ developed and launched



  • Supported partners in GASP to design and implement research into awareness and attitudes among the four main black and minority ethnic groups in Glasgow, culminating in the publication of the Mosaics of Meaning report (PDF 1.45Mb)
  • Publication of ‘A Fairer Future’ the report of the Hear Me survey of people’s experiences of stigma.  Report shows that those with lived experience of stigma are increasingly willing to be open about their mental health problems



  • Public Attitudes Survey 2006 shows that the general public is more open about mental health problems, that those with mental ill health are more likely to be open to others, and that the attitudes around mental ill health and violence stay at positive levels. 
  • Focus group work across rural areas of Scotland helps to define the need for ‘see me’s campaign images to be more geographically inclusive with additional media channels required to speak to ‘hard to reach’ communities.
  • ‘see me’ involved in Towards A Mentally Flourishing Scotland consultation process and events
  • Speaking at events from Ekaterinburg to Lerwick
  • Evidence gathering initiative to form basis of plan for Phase II of the campaign
  • Work begins to develop ‘see me’ plan for 08-11
  • Funding agreed for 08-11

….. the future is yet to happen!