‘see me’ was launched in October 2002.  'see me' so far (2005) (PDF 6.35Mb) outlines why we had to tackle stigma, how the campaign was set up and how we tackled the challenges we faced from 2002 – 2004.


During that time the ‘see me’ campaign launched several initiatives aimed at raising awareness amongst the general public. We also ran specific campaigns aimed at tackling stigma in the workplace, and amongst young people.


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In 2006/07 we also developed and ran our first ever national survey of the lived-experience of people with mental ill-health. This survey ‘Hear Me!’ culminated in our report ‘A Fairer Future’ (PDF 1.47Mb)launched in June 2007.


Following the departure of our first campaign director – and the end of the first phase of the campaign, we felt it was time to take stock of where we were and what needed doing. We spent six months running focus groups across the country, attending events, meeting stakeholders and reading up on relevant papers and research.


The result of this is our national plan for 2008 – 2011 which has now been finally agreed and which will be available on the website from autumn 2008.